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is a coffee society situated near Kingatuani market 16km along the Machakos –Kathiani road, in Kaewa sub location, Iveti Location, Kathiani Sub County, Machakos County in the Lower Eastern part of the Republic of Kenya. The society is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the famous Iveti Hills, behind river Mukuyuni. The area has an altitude of 1993m above sea level with temperature ranging from 23-28 Celsius MukuyuniFCS – derived from the word Mukuyu (fig tree) started in the year 1999 after the split of the New Iveti FCS which had 11 factories. It was given the registration number CS/8996 under the ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Co-operatives; with a factory code XBE028-F01. The society has one wet mill, with six electoral zones represented by the management committee, who forms the society board of directors.

Coffee Production

Coffee being the major crop produced by the Society farmers, is grown at an average altitude of 1800m above sea level. The area has deep well drained volcanic soils and thus suitable for producing some of the best coffee in the word with Arabic (Sl 28) being the common variety .The area experiences two rainfall seasons with the long rains coming from the month of March to May and the short rains coming from October to December.

The society compound has average acreage coverage of 5 acres of land. It has a total of 1191 members, 932 active and 259 dormant members. Out whom male 575 and 347 being of female gender. With a total of 183,000 coffee trees.


To empower coffee farmers to produce high quality coffee that exceeds market expectation through good agricultural practices (GAPS).


To be a leading coffee society in Machakos and beyond.


• Equality and equity • Democracy and respect

• Honesty and transparency • Accountability and diligence • Innovation and creativity

Production Cycle

Mukuyuni FCS has taken in measures to ensure that the quality of coffee which is produced at the society is of high quality and thus fetch high in the international market. In this regard the society does train its members on how to prepare the land for plantation and thereafter offer certified seedlings to the members.


Once the cherry has been harvested by the farmers it’s stored in clean sacks then transported to the society where it goes through sorting in order to ensure only the quality seedlings are weighed for processing. Weighing of the produce is done through digital machines which has enabled the society to reduce wastage, manipulation and a lot of manual process which is time consuming.Thereafter, the produce is taken the cherry hopper which is maintained and checked on daily basis to ensure it’s clean, smooth and mould free .Quality control adherence and compliance is one of the key drives of Mukuyuni FCS.

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